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A living archive of mud codebases built over the last half century. Multi-User Dungeons, started as a gaming genre in 1978, have a rich history in gaming, computer science, and

MUD Basics

MUDs are generally accessible through a telnet connection to a host using a custom port. A variety of MUD clients that help players connect to MUDs have been launched over the years. For a full getting started tutorial, please see the MudMuseum Getting Started Docs. If you’d like to jump right in and have a telnet client available to you, you can check out Connect.

For a list of available MUD clients, please see the Mud Client Listing


The Mud Museum hosts a wide variety of archived muds made available at A full listing can be seen at MudMuseum MUD Listing. You can quickly access a few of the original codebases with the following:

telnet ####
CodebaseVersionAddress & Port 8000
DystopiaGold (~1.2) 9000

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